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Reuben Walford 1838-1925

Reuben Walford was born in Wickham St Paul in April 1838, the second child of Josiah and Eliza Walford.

By 1851, now in Bulmer Tye, Reuben was one of 6 children with no father. His mother, Eliza, at 38 was left a pauper. So, Reuben at the age of 12, was working on the land alongside his older brother, supporting siblings who ranged in age from nine to two.  

The next census shows Reuben still living with his mother and younger siblings.

Reuben married Sarah in the early months of 1867.

And by 1881 he was living with her on the Halstead Road. They do not appear to have had any surviving children.

Reuben continued here as an agricultural labourer into the 20th century. Sarah died in February 1903.  

Reuben died in 1925 aged 86 and is buried with Sarah in Bulmer churchyard.

Gillian Lamb 2011