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1939 -1945

Harry St George Burke was the son of Redmond St George Burke and Aileen Marion Burke of The Auberies, Bulmer, and the husband of Evelyn Marjory Burke. B.A.

Harry was a Wing Commander in the RAF, and flew with Squadron 151.

This squadrons role was night fighting, and in April 1942, changed from flying Defiants to flying Mosquitos, and became fully operational with them in June 1942.  In July, the squadron began standing patrols over the North Sea to intercept German raiders on their way over to bomb Britain.  The squadron scored steadily over the following three months.  Harry St George Burke died on the 15th October  at the age of 33 years.

The badge of 151 squadron shows an owl affrontee wings elevated alighting on a seax.  The owl represents the Squadrons role of night fighting, whilst the seax comes from the arms of Essex, in which county, the Squadron was formed.

Harry is buried in St Andrews churchyard, Bulmer.