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1914 -1918

Charles Barrell lived at Lower Houses, Bulmer in 1913.  Before joining the army, he worked on the land at Smeetham Hall.

Charles was one of thirteen children.  His brother Archie , lived in Bulmer Tye, another brother John lived in Twinstead, and his sister Grace lived in Wickham St. Pauls.  Other sisters and brothers were Rose, Emily, Ethel, Caroline, Alice, Daisy, and Herbert.

Charles married Flo Middleditch from Sudbury and the had two children, both daughters, one dying in infancy.  

Charles was 13624 Guardsman and served with the 1st Grenadier Guards and was wounded whilst serving in France.  Although he took part in the Peace Parade in Sudbury, he was ill and died in London on March 1st 1916, aged 32 years.

Charles is buried in St. Andrews churchyard in Bulmer.