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William Humm

1851 - 1938

William was born in Bulmer in 1851. His parents were William and Hannah Humm.

William, known as Bill, married Lydia Searl; they lived in Bulmer Street and William worked as a shepherd. In 1881 he was living with Lydia; their children, Charles and Alice; plus his father (aged 77 and still an agricultural labourer).   Later William became a stockman at Goldingham Hall.

On March 3rd 1938 The Suffolk Free Press reported:   The death has occurred at Bulmer of William Humm aged 87 years, he was well known in Sudbury which he used to visit until two years ago in a cart and donkey. Mr Humm was born at the Vicarage where his mother resided during alterations to Blackhouse farm, he worked as a stockman at Goldingham Hall until he was 76, when he reached 80 he surprised many by taking a flight in an aeroplane.

information from: Foxearth History Society, Nicholas Rowe, Humm family, Bulmer history website         

Gillian Lamb 2016

Bill with his cart and donkey

Nicholas Tatum Rowe shared this picture. It was taken of William, aged 80, on the day that he was taken up in an aeroplane.