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Forster Badham

1843 -1892

Forster was born in Bulmer in 1843. The Ironside family tree lists him as ‘born out of wedlock’ showing him as son of Alice Jane Badham.

However, this is at odds with records from Suffolk which show Forster as son of George Badham, baptised in Waldringfield. He is shown as the son of George and Sarah Badham.

At the time of the 1851 census, he was probably visiting his grandfather, David Badham, here in Bulmer. The late Basil Slaughter also lists Forster as fourth son of George Badham and this is repeated on his gravestone, here in St Andrew’s churchyard.

Forster died in 1892, leaving £1738. He was part of the influential and successful extended Badham family

Addition information from Peter Badham                                                                                                                            Gillian Lamb 2016