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David Badham

1784 – 1865

David Badham was born in London, into a successful and wealthy family.

In 1802, aged only 18, David married Rebecca of the prominent local Pung family. David and Sarah lived at The Cedars in Bulmer.

Their children were:  Anne, Sarah, George, Charles (later Rev. Charles Badham), Eliza, Alice, and Mary. Rebecca died in 1826.

David is on the Bulmer voting list of 1810. He is listed as a voter in the 1847 election when a split among Tory MPs allowed the Whigs to continue in power.

David was a county magistrate and deputy lieutenant; the family lived on ‘private means’ and employed live-in servants.

In a talk in 2005, Peter Badham explained that “David Badham, [was] one of Her Majesty’s deputy lieutenants for the county, and for nearly 60 years a magistrate for Essex and Suffolk. That means he was a JP by the age of 22 or 23 and you did not become a JP at that sort of age unless you had estates, influence or something.”

In 1865 David Badham died at The Cedars, Bulmer, Essex, aged 82, confirming his birth of about 1783.

In Bulmer churchyard there is a limestone slab engraved:

  The Family Vault of D Badham Esq.

Information from Peter Badham                                                                                                                                                        Gillian Lamb 2016