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Alice Jane Badham and Eliza Badham

Eliza:  1816 – 1907

Alice: 1819 – 1902

Eliza and Alice were daughters of David and Rebecca Badham of Bulmer. They were two of seven siblings.

In 1851 both Eliza (35) and Alice (32) were living in Bulmer with their widowed father.  They had servants and lived on private means. Their father, David, was a magistrate.

By 1881 the two were both lodgers in Warwickshire living off investments in Indian Railway Stock.

Alice died in Cheltenham in 1902, a spinster leaving £1800

Eliza died in 1907, a spinster leaving £2700

They are buried together in Bulmer.

SACRED to the memory of Alice Jane Badham,

aged 88 years

also of Eliza Badham died August 20th 1907,

aged 91 years

Daughters of David Badham

formerly of the Cedars in this parish


Gillian Lamb 2016