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Murray Macgregor  Blacker

1824 - 1913

Murray was born in Madras, India into a wealthy family with an ancestral home in Ireland. He was son of Valentine Blacker, who was not only a lieutenant colonel in the Honourable East India Company but also Surveyor General of India. Murray spent his early years farming in Toft Monks, Norfolk where he lived with his widowed mother and servants.

Murray owned thousands of acres in Ireland where many of the Blacker family had been soldiers or churchmen and involved in the Orange Order. He also owned land in Norfolk, a plantation in Virginia and, later, Goldingham Hall in Bulmer

In 1851, in Belgium, he married Frances and they were married for over 50 years.

In 1902 Goldingham Hall was sold to Murray M Blacker for £7000. Emily Rowe was parlourmaid from 1907 to 1914. A kitchen maid and cook also lived in. Emily remembered that two men had the daily duty of handpumping water into the attic water tanks [the previous owner having installed plumbing and flush toilets] ….Blacker was reputed to be a generous man ready to find work for the unemployed.  (Basil Slaughter)

Murray MacGregor Blacker is buried in Bulmer with his wife, Frances.

Gillian Lamb 2014

In 1872 he moved to Haw Branch a plantation in Virginia.(pictured left)

Virginia County records that Murray, ‘a wealthy Englishman’, bought the plantation and operated it as a model and experimental farm. The 1880 Virginia census shows they had three daughters:  Violet, Maud and Rosa.