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The ball at the top is now on the obelisk at Plough Green near the A131, but who are the children, do you know?

VE Day (8th May 1945) outside Village Hall

Back row - L to R

Peter Weavers, Peter Sporn, ??, Tony Raymond, Eric Cansell, Alan Rowe, Stan Lott, Brian Wright, Brian Younger, Tim Rhodes, Des Younger, Robin Rowe, Steve Raymond, Harry Raymond, Ron Barrell, Geoff Steward, Ester Rowe, Ruby Younger, Angela Stanford, ??, Tony Stanford   

Row 2 - L to R

Jennifer Self, Ted Raymond, Reg Cansell, Cliff Smith, Malcolm Townsend, Steve Parker, Doug Younger, Walter Coe, John Raymond, Brian Raymond,Peter Felton, Reg Barrell, ??

Row 3 - L to R

Daphne Younger, ??, Don Purkiss, Alan Dixey, Terry Cansell, Ray Cansell, Brenda Townsend, Reynold Loosemore, Valerie Yallop, ??, ??, Peter Rowe, Bobby Ford, ??, Brian Weavers, Danny Rowe, ??, ??, Peggy Greenhill, Sylvia Sanford

Row 4 - L to R

Jennifer Raymond(Sarecroft), Shirley Steward, daphne Wright,Jane Garrett, Joan Rowe, Betty Rowe, Phyllis Gobby, Vola Carlcraft, Baby? Rosemary Rowe, Peter Skinner, Audrey Raymond, Thelma Surridge, Olive Barrell, Betty Coe, Barbara Younger, Jennifer Raymond, ??, ??, ??, ??    

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Memories of  Bulmer School from a pupil in 1961

Just wanted to give your website readers an insight to my life in Bulmer and my very fond memories of being at Bulmer Tye School , both the old School on Church meadow and the new school in Church lane , which I attended when it opened until two years later.

I was just five years old when I began school in 1961, my sister Sylvette had already begun in school the year before,  my earliest memories was doing jigsaws which I loved in the infants , going out to play in Church Meadow as soon as I had finished my daily third pint of milk which all children received back then until it was taken away during the Tory years several years later .

 Weekly swimming was on the agenda and I so looked forward to our minibus picking us up on friday afternoon , what a lovely preamble to a glorious weekend ahead when I could lay in bed until nine clock and have no school for the rest of the day .

The vicar  Reverend Howard would come and talk to us once a week about Christianity usually the Synoptic gospels , which told of the life of Jesus , and the Reverend Matthews would also take a weekly lesson isn catechism , in preparation for confirmation which I eventually had in London in 1968, basically it involved a questions and answers session about Creed and Liturgical matters , maybe a bit outdated now , but I loved Religion and felt a strong love for the churches attempt to explain  the finer points of church Services and what liturgy mean, also the vicars work gave me the idea to study theology many years later at University.

Also strongly remember the yearly round  of religious and Political celebrations , we celebrated Easter and Commonwealth day and on election day Miss Cantrell the former head would appoint a leader for each party amongst the children from her  pupils and we all picked the Candidate who was to become Prime minister. Miss Cantrell was old school , rather strict but very kind to us with an amazing sense of humour .

Bulmer school had a rather large catchment area, Gestingthorpe and other rural areas were ferried to and from our school , and it was a feeder school for Halstead and Hedingham , and occasionally Sudbury , my sister went to Sudbury for two terms and I took my 11 plus in London just after we left Bulmer and went to Harrow County School after I passed , later on I went to Brondesbury and Kilburn High School when we moved to Inner London.

I have very fond memories of Bulmer Tye , the emphasis on Christian values were always a lynchpin of faith for me through life , I would love to meet anyone who knew me in either the old or new schools as Coral Burgess , please get in touch with Bulmer Tye website  your emails will be passed to me ,  I would also like to converse with others who remember Mr Basil Slaughter and the former Head Miss Cantrell and form teacher Miss Moody and the form teacher of the new school Miss Hubbard who taught Needlework

Coral Harvey nee Burgess BA (hons)

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