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Henrietta Sawer 1829 -1870

Henrietta was the daughter of Elizabeth and William Sawer. They lived at  Kitchen Farm, formerly part of the Auberies Estate.

Henrietta’s father died in 1833 and her mother took over the farm. (census 1841).

Kitchen Farm

By 1851 Henrietta’s mother had remarried to Edward Browning. The family lived on at Kitchen Farm, which was owned by the Rt Hon Earl Howe, and they employed 10 men, 4 boys plus domestic servants. There were 166 acres, mostly arable.

Henrietta continued to live at Kitchen Farm and died a spinster, aged 41, in February 1870. She left ‘effects worth under £800.

Kitchen Farm cart shed in the 21st century

                                                                                                                                      Gillian Lamb 2013        

                                                                                                              Pictures and map from Chris Lister