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Joseph Coe  1864 – 1922

By the turn of the century he had become a ‘threshing machine owner’ in Bulmer Street. He employed a nursemaid. He was successful enough to have owned seven traction engines by 1922, and died that year leaving over £1200.

Joseph is buried in Bulmer with his wife Edith who died in 1949.                                           Gillian Lamb 2014

In 1871 six-year old Joseph, the youngest of 10 children, was living with his parents Abraham and Mary Coe in Rattlesden.

1886 was an eventful year for Joseph:  he married Ruth Ridgewell; was charged with attempted suicide and imprisoned for one day;  then son Charles was born. Ruth died three years later.

In 1891 Joseph was living in Delvyns in Gestingthorpe and descibed himself as an ‘agricultural machinist’. The next year he married  Edith Finch, and they eventually had 8 more children.

Above: Joe Coe with thrashing machine in Bulmer Street (picture courtesy of Carol Coe)

Right: Threshing at Smeetham Hall

(information from Robin Harding)

Bulmer 1911, engine is a Robey 8hp, ‘Dad’ mansfield is driving the engine with  Toby Felton cutting the ‘bands’ on top of the drum, while ‘Scudger’ Deal is taking the sacks off.