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Florence Messent  nee Pilgrim


Florence Suzanne Pilgrim was born in 1888 in Cross Street Sudbury, near to the Spread Eagle Inn.

Florence worked as a silk weaver in the factories in Sudbury until her marriage in 1918 to William Messent of Bulmer.   William had returned from WW1 suffering from TB and was renting the cottage next door to his parent in Finch Hill, Bulmer. The couple had seven children who survived past infancy.

In 1935 the family moved to a newly built council house in Church Road Bulmer. They were slightly better off now as several of the children were working and contributing to the household.

On 23rd December 1935, Florence came in from the wash house complaining of cold legs. She sat down in a chair by the fire where she had a stroke. Her bed was brought downstairs but there was little anyone could do and she died on 4th January 1936. She was buried on 7th January 1936 aged 46 (Rev. Pannell mistakenly entered 7th October as the date).

After Florence’s death, her eldest daughter, Violet, who was only 18, had to take on the running of the household.

                                                                                                          Sharon Porter 2013

Florence was buried in an unmarked grave.

In 2009, Leonard, the eldest, and Molly, the youngest of the surviving children of William and Florence Messent, paid for the headstone to be erected.