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Ronald Messent

December 1923 – April 1936

Ronald was one of seven surviving children of William and Florence Messent.

He lived in Finch Hill, Bulmer, moving in 1935 to one of the local council houses.

A year later, his mother died aged 46, and Ronald was now in the care of his older sister, Violet, and his invalid father, William.

Ronald was on his way to school in late March 1936 when larking about with his friends he fell into a ditch full of cold water. A lady in the village tried to dry his clothes and warm him up before she sent him on to school. However, from family testimony it seems he developed pneumonia and also contracted meningitis.

He was admitted to hospital but sadly died and was buried in Bulmer churchyard on 14th April 1936, aged 12.  He was buried in an unmarked grave next to his mother, grandparents, great grandparents and siblings who had failed to survive infancy. Later the same year, his father died and was buried with the family

In 2009, Leonard, Ronald’s eldest brother, and Molly, his youngest sister, paid for the headstone to be erected.

                                    Sharon Porter 2013