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Violet Lillian Sandford nee Messent

1917 - 1974

Violet Lillian Sandford’s maiden name was Messent. She was the eldest daughter of William and Florence Messent and was born on 8th December 1917 in Beggars End Cottages, Finch Hill Bulmer.

Violet attended Bulmer School. She went into service when she was 14 years old, but found out that she could earn more money working in a factory. When she was 16, much to her father’s dislike, Violet went to work at Vanner and Fennells in Sudbury.

Upon the death of her mother and father in 1936, Violet had to take on full responsibility for her younger siblings. (As Violet was only 18, and the age of majority then was 21, the Rev. Pannell had to vouch that she was capable and trustworthy.)

Violet attended the regular dances in Bulmer Village Hall and it was there that she met Bernard Ernest Sandford (known as Sam). Violet and Bernard married in Bulmer Church  in November 1939 and continued to live in the family house in Church Road Bulmer.

Violet and Sam’s wedding Bulmer Church 1939

Violet and Bernard had three children. Violet was a full time mother and wife apart from when she did seasonal work, like apple and potato picking.

Violet died of cancer on 9th December 1974 aged just 57 and was buried in Bulmer  churchyard. Thirty years later, her husband died and was buried with her.

Sharon Porter 2013