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Thomas Pung Allen 1835 - 1887

(Bulmer Churchyard Plan number 106)

Thomas Pung Allen was the eldest child of Robert Alfred Allen and Mary Allen (née Pung) and named after his maternal grandfather, Thomas Pung, who owned Blackhouse Farm in Bulmer.

Thomas Pung Allen was born in Ballingdon where he lived with his parents and 4 siblings, Mary, Elliston, Robert & Laura.  

Thomas’ mother died when he was only 7 years old and his new stepmother, Henrietta Eliza Allen (née Wylie), had 7 more children, so he grew up in a large family.

Thomas’ maternal grandfather died in 1850 and, as his mother was an only child and he her eldest son, Thomas became the primary heir to his grandfather’s estate, which was quite substantial.  He was only 15 at the time and the estate was put into Trust.

Unlike his younger brothers, Elliston and Robert, Thomas did not get involved in his father’s business of brick making, malting and trading in raw materials.  Although, it is understood that Thomas suffered with a clubfoot, so this may have precluded him from doing so.  Instead he lived the life of a Gentleman and ‘fundholder’

In 1861 and 1871 Thomas spent time in Hove and Brighton; staying with friends or in lodgings.   No doubt the sea air agreed with him.

He didn’t marry and in 1881, aged 46, he was living as a single man, but close to his family in the Sudbury area.   He also employed the service of a couple that worked for him as domestic servants and they and their 4 children lived in his home.

Aged only 52, Thomas died in 1887, of congestion of the lungs, at his sister, Mary and her husband’s (Ernest Algernon Sparks) home in Putney.

Thomas is buried in Bulmer churchyard interred with his mother and infant sister.  His grandfather, Thomas Pung and brother, Robert Allen are also buried in the churchyard.

Essex Standard 15th October 1887 – ‘Percy’ is a typo

Jon Allen 2013


On the 4th inst. at Suffolk House, Putney-hill, of congestion of the longs, THOMAS PUNG ALLEN, eldest son of the late Robert A. Allen, of The Grove, Sudbury, Suffolk

The Times, October 13, 1887 (archives)