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John Cornell 1885 – 1936

As a child John Cornell lived on Hoggs Farm, Pentlow with his parents, Charles and Ann.

By the age of 16 he was a lodger at the Cock and Blackbirds in Bulmer and was an apprentice traction engine driver.

In 1906 in London, John married Sarah, a widow with a daughter Marjorie. But Sarah died and John returned to Bulmer with his step-daughter. In 1917 he remarried to Emily Rowe of Bulmer.


Initially John and Emily lived in Laundry Cottage. Then, from 1920, they ran the Cock and Blackbirds pub in Bulmer village, introducing glasses to replace the pottery mugs.

The pub had a ‘tap’ room, public bar, smoking room and lounge all catering for different ‘classes’. As well as being a publican, John worked on traction engines. He would cycle off to his threshing tackle, do a full day’s work then keep the pub.

(Heart of our History ~ Ashley Cooper)

When John died, the church at Bulmer

overflowed with mourners.

He left a widow, Emily; a son, Jack;

two daughters Mabel and Evelyn; and a

step-daughter, Marjorie. John is buried

with his wife Emily.

Gillian Lamb 2011