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Eliza Rowe (nee Finch) 1848 - 1921

Eliza Finch was born in Borley. Her parents were Natham Finch and Ellen (nee Carder).

Eliza, being the eldest of nine children, was obliged to stay at home and help with the growing family. Unlike her younger sisters, Eliza did not attend much school. Eliza left home to become a maid, and in 1871 she was a servant in Long Melford at Withingdale Mill.

Eliza later became a maid on a farm in Bulmer where she met her future husband, David Rowe. They lived at Upper Houses where they had seven sons and two daughters including Emily who wrote:

‘My mother made bread about once a week; a sack of flour was delivered by the baker who lived on Bulmer Tye, a Mr English. He brought bread around to the other cottages who did not bake for themselves. This bread was baked in a large oven which was heated by wood which took at least an hour or perhaps longer, it depended on the type of wood used. White thorn was good as it gave a good heat; when it was hot the ashes were swept out and the bread put in; marvellous it was too. Yeast we got from Maldens in Ballingdon, who brewed, so one of us children would get a can full from there. Occasionally baking yeast was used.

Mother cooked a good meal including suet puddings which was our evening meal; meat, sparrow pudding and rabbit and sometimes a hare which was not mentioned.

My mother made the floor covering sacks with pieces of material about three inches by one, folding and sewn by  large needle and fine string, very comfortable but hard work lifting and cleaning

My parents were very happy and helped each other’

Eliza would also make straw hats.

David and Eliza with Philip, Agnes, Harry, Charles, Albert, Sidney, George, Emily, and James. Harry left for the States was pasted into this photograph to make the family complete.

Eliza died in 1921 and is buried with her husband, David.

The headstone states:   Life’s work well done. Heavens rest well won       

Gillian Lamb 2011