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Harry Dixey 1876 - 1942

Harry was born in Bulmer in 1876, the youngest of five children His parents were Mary Dixey and John, an agricultural labourer. By 1891 Harry also was a farm worker.  But by 1901 Harry had moved to London to stay with his older brother, William. He was an apprentice at Ted Abletts, the butcher’s shop in Tottenham, North London.  Ted, married Harry’s sister. In 1903  Harry married Annie Jessie Ling. They moved back to Bulmer. Annie was 33.

Harry used his butchering skills to go to local farms and kill a sheep, cow or pig and cut them up for them. He also had a little shop next to the Bulmer Fox to sell pork from his own pigs, and he was a general dealer. Harry Winch kept The Fox plus a petrol pump. He had to climb two large steps, pump the petrol into a glass and pull a lever over for a gallon. Then pull it back for another, and so on.

Harry started making homemade beer which he stored in a big galvanised tank with large wheels. With Bill, and probably a pony, he pulled the tank round Bulmer. It didn’t last long. The tank ended up as a water butt with a big brass tap.

When Miss May, (Bulmer School teacher) wanted to buy Swains Cottage, she asked Harry to bid for it. He had instructions not to go over two hundred pounds. Although the price went slightly over, she did have it.

Meanwhile, Ted Ablett was still living in Tottenham. He would visit Orchard Cottage at the weekends exchanging flush loos, piped water and electric lights for outside bucket loos and oil lamps. He would return on Sunday with a car boot full of tame and wild rabbits thanks to the Dixeys and Jimmy Raymond. At Eastertime, his wife Annie took home large bunches of primroses. The Dixeys collected them from Almshouse Wood at the back of Rose Cottage.

Alan Dixey 2019

Harry and Annie Jessie had two sons, John William and George Frederick.

John had two sons: Tony and Bill.

George had two sons: Alan and Geoffrey and a daughter Audrey.

John Dixey and family

Annie Dixey died in 1938, aged 68. Harry died in 1942 aged 65. They are buried in Bulmer.