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Rosanna Studd nee Rosanna Rowe

1836 – 1904

Unlike the other entries in ‘People of Bulmer’, Rosanna was not buried here at St Andrews - but she was married here.

Rosanna was born in 1836 to Mary Rowe and Charles Rowe, an illiterate farm worker. On 14th October 1852, Rosanna married Charles Studd. This was an interesting marriage as Charles was 49 and Rosanna was 16.

Charles was a wealthy man living in Surrey; Rosanna was the daughter of a Bulmer farm labourer. So how did they meet?

Rosanna, like many in her family, started work in domestic service. She was employed as a maid by Charles Hurrell Studd and his sister, at their home in Chertsey, Surrey. In the 1851 census Rosanna appears as their 15-year old maid.

By the autumn of the following year, Rosanna had become Mrs Studd. For Rosanna, it secured her future and for 49-year old Charles it provided a chance to produce an heir.

Rosanna settled in Surrey with Charles and they had a daughter, Henrietta, who died in 1928, and a son who died in childhood.

Charles died in 1878.

In 1888, Rosanna’s brother, David Rowe, lost his arm following an accident with a chaff cutter here in Bulmer.

David’s accident and the loss of his arm was reported in the local paper: July 17th 1888

On Thursday an serious accident befel a man named David Rowe in the employ of Mr F.Byford at Goldingham Hall, Bulmer. The unfortunate man was attending a cutter when the machine caught hold of his left arm severely lacerated it, he was taken to St Leonard's Hospital at Sudbury and the limb was amputated above the elbow. He is progressing favourably.

Later David’s daughter, Emily Rowe, wrote: ‘My father was a farm labourer who worked at Goldingham Hall where he lost his left arm in 1888. It must have meant a difference to our lives. In those days no state aid or help of any kind, however, we had an aunt who married a gentleman of means where my aunt was a maid….[and my aunt] gave my parents an allowance to help them.

Not only did Rosanna help to support her brother’s family of nine children, but after her death, her daughter, Henrietta, continued the allowance.  This was a generous gesture by the Studd family towards to Rowes in their time of need.

Gillian Lamb  2017  - Great great niece of Rosanna Studd and great granddaughter of David Rowe