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Thomas Bocking

1762 -1838

1762 Thomas was born in Bulmer. He shared a name with his grandfather: Thomas Bocking. George lll was king and John Stuart, was Prime Minister.

Life beyond Bulmer was changing as the industrial revolution was underway.  

1768 Thomas was an agricultural labourer and he would have begun this life very early. Children were expected to feed animals, collect eggs, scare birds, drive horses, fetch water, do weeding, collect firewood and any number of domestic tasks to contribute to the household. Children collected stones from the fields and used them to repair the roads.

But pot-holes come from lumbering loads,

And Bulmer must now mend its roads;

The stones thus picked from fields now lay,

Beneath veneer of tar today

(Ashley Cooper 2000)

1790 Thomas Bocking married Sarah Shorten on 21st March 1790, in Bulmer. She was aged about 23 and Thomas about 28.

1790 Thomas junior was born on Christmas Day 1790 –named after his father, great grandfather and his g-g-g-father.

1794 Daughter Sarah was born. This winter, and the next two, were bitterly cold as the ‘little ice age’ continued.

1800  Daughter Mary was born

Thomas lived through a time of great development and invention. But it is unlikely that his life in Bulmer village had seen much change.

Gillian Lamb 2016 (g-g-g granddaughter of Thomas)