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Due to Covid-19 meetings are postponed until further notice, in the meantime here is how you can potentially find some local history in your garden…

History on Your Doorstep

Have you ever wondered about the history of your house and your neighbourhood?

Stour Valley Community Archaeology (SVCA) are starting a project to do exactly that by carrying out a test pit programme in Bulmer, each test pit giving a snap shot of the past and building up, with information from other test pits, to give an overall picture of Bulmer’s history.

A test pit is a one metre square that over a weekend is carefully and systematically dug, finds collected and analysed and a report made out. We will be looking for volunteers to host and dig about six test pits assisted by SVCA members with overall supervision and finds identification by more experienced SVCA staff. At the end of the dig, the pit will be re-filled and as necessary, turfs replaced.

We would be hoping for volunteers in the centre of the village rather than in the outlying communities such as Bulmer Tye or Kitchen Hill.

We would be looking to plan this event in early 2021 and we must stress that this dig will be carried out following COVID-19 restrictions that may be in force at the time.

Who are SVCA?

SVCA was formed after a series of excavations of an early medieval farm settlement carried out six years ago at Goldingham Hall by local volunteers and supervised by archaeologists from Cambridge University (led by Carenza Lewis, who will be well known to Channel 4’s Time Team fans).

Because of the enthusiasm that this dig engendered, Stour Valley Community Archaeology was formed to encourage interest in the past history of the Stour Valley area and encourage participation by the general population. Test pit events are an excellent way of achieving these objectives.

As well as the Goldingham dig, we have also:

carried out extensive excavations of an Iron Age/ early Roman site near Gestingthorpe, some of the finds can be seen here.

partnered again with Cambridge University to carry out test pit events over a number of years in Foxearth that were designed to foster interest in archaeology amongst students at local academies,

carried out a series of surveys recording medieval graffiti in local churches.

If you are interested in taking part in this project please contact me:

David Orrell

SVCA Chairman


07702 543028